The Sound Of My Own Wisdom Drives Me Crazy.

Megan is who I am. 18 is my age. Photography is my passion. I live every day thankful that I have it.

Anonymous asked: I've always had a thing for red heads but damn pull that shit off


:* love you


it’s physically impossible to fit words into a venn diagram

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Anonymous asked: Can u twerk lol




you miss 100% of the shots you dont take which is why on new years i’ll be taking twelve

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*a pair of black socks on Ebay*

"NEW Casual sexy cute elegant slim-fit low cut soft and hypoallergenic comfy neutral FASHION HOT SELL x-small extra small small medium simple chic booties feet mittens warm foot cover direct honest seller FAST CHEAP SHIPPING pair of dark mysterious black shade for YOU"

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He misses her

She thinks about him

He wants to text her

She wants a text from him

He doesnt text her

She answers to another dude


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My desires in a relationship have changed over time. I no longer want someone who promises to always love me and never leave me, I need someone who understands that life happens and sometimes things don’t work out. I don’t want someone who sugar coats things and never gets angry with me, I need someone to tell me how it really is and put me in my place. I need to be able to go five hours without talking to you and not feel lost or incomplete. I am complete without you. But with you, I want to be so much better. I want to be stronger with you. I want us to grow together and help each other grow individually. I don’t need you, but I really fucking want you. And this may not work out, but the fact that you understand all of this and this how our relationship works, makes me think we’ve got a pretty good shot.


american horror story: perez hilton

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Anonymous asked: I'm sure you're doing better than me I mean you have a job. If you have a car than you're doing a thousand times better than me.


not my own

Anonymous asked: Oh trust me sweetie I am a nobody. My life is going nowhere.


mine either